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OpEd: Support Medicaid Expansion

Better UTAH board member Diane Stewart tells  Utahns why supporting Medicaid expansion is the only option that makes sense. From the beginning, the conversation surrounding Medicaid expansion was hijacked by the far right. As a result, since the announcement of Gov. Gary Herbert’s Healthy Utah plan, each successive plan has been watered down in one

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OpEd: Healthy Utah still looks like best solution to Medicaid dilemma

Better Utah intern Kyle Eng penned an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune discussing how  Gov. Herbert’s Healthy Utah is still the best option for expanding Medicaid in Utah. It has been more than 300 days since Gov. Gary Herbert introduced his version of Medicaid expansion known as “Healthy Utah,” which would have returned $446 million

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Gang Of Six Appear To Be Losing Ground On Medicaid Deal

It’s now been three months since the Gang of Six announced its tentative, skeletal framework to replace  Healthy Utah, Gov. Herbert’s proposed alternative to Medicaid expansion that was supported by over 80% of Utahns. Yet despite lofty promises of a, “broad, conceptual framework”, no formal plan has been released. The Legislature’s failure to act was

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Better Utah & University of Utah School of Medicine Students to Deliver Donut Holes to Legislators to promote Donut Hole: Life in the Medicaid Coverage Gap

  Salt Lake City – The media is invited as the Alliance for a Better Utah and a group of 30 students from the University of Utah School of Medicine deliver donut holes to Utah state legislators, the Governor and the Lt. Governor at 10:00 am, Wednesday, August 19th during Interim Session at the State

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Better Utah to Participate in Medicaid Expansion Press Conference & Announces Release of Film Trailer: Donut Hole: Life in the Medicaid Coverage Gap

Salt Lake City – The Alliance for a Better Utah will participate in a Press Conference on Medicaid Expansion at 10am today, August 18, 2015 in the Utah State Capitol Presentation Room in Salt Lake City. Lauren Howells, Better Utah’s Karen Shepherd Fellow, will speak at the Press Conference on behalf of Better Utah. The

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Community Leaders Stand United to Close Utah’s Coverage Gap Now

  Salt Lake City – The Interim Session on July 15, 2015 will mark the 898th day since Utah had the first opportunity to expand healthcare coverage to our most vulnerable brothers, sisters, family, friends and neighbors. After a series of self-imposed deadlines, Utah’s legislative body has missed yet another deadline to make a decision

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