Better Utah to Participate in Medicaid Expansion Press Conference & Announces Release of Film Trailer: Donut Hole: Life in the Medicaid Coverage Gap

Salt Lake City – The Alliance for a Better Utah will participate in a Press Conference on Medicaid Expansion at 10am today, August 18, 2015 in the Utah State Capitol Presentation Room in Salt Lake City. Lauren Howells, Better Utah’s Karen Shepherd Fellow, will speak at the Press Conference on behalf of Better Utah. The Press Conference has been organized and is hosted by the Utah Democratic Party.

Josh Kanter, Board President of Better Utah said “We are joining forces with the Utah Democratic Party and others at this press conference to continue to push awareness of the urgency of the need to push our legislature to action on Medicaid expansion. In this effort, we welcome participation and partnership with everyone who believes in the need to provide healthcare coverage to our Utah brothers, sisters, family, friends and neighbors in need. Tens of thousands of Utahns lack adequate access to the healthcare system that could be provided with Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. Over the past years, the Utah legislature has missed deadlines and squandered opportunities to help these Utahns. With the recently announced framework for a solution, it is past time to conclude this process, turn the framework into a plan, and provide these Utahns with the access to the healthcare system that they so desperately need.”

In addition, Better Utah is releasing the trailer for a documentary entitled Donut Hole: Life in the Medicaid Coverage Gap. Better Utah has been a supporter and co-producer of the film which will be released in September. The trailer can be seen at

Lauren Howells, Better Utah’s Karen Shepherd Fellow, said “It has been a pleasure to work so closely with the medical students who conceived and created this wonderful documentary to bring attention to those who fall in the Medicaid coverage gap and who need access to healthcare. Their vision and dedication is admirable as they have fought to bring this project to fruition. We at Better Utah are thrilled to have been able to team up with these students and to have been a part of this exciting project.”

The trailer for the film will be screened at the Press Conference today and can be seen at


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