Better UTAH to Representative Dunnigan and Speaker Hughes: Utahns are #stillwaiting

Salt Lake City, Utah – Today, the United State Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Affordable Care Act, upholding nationwide tax subsidies to help low income and middle class people afford health insurance. This is the second time the Affordable Care act has come before the Supreme Court and come out on top, reaffirming its continual role in the American health care system.  Better UTAH founder and Board President, Josh Kanter, issued the following statement.

“Speaker Hughes and Representative Dunnigan have served as obstructionists and Utahns have waited long enough,” stated Kanter.  “Today’s ruling demonstrates yet again, that the delays of our state leaders to pass meaningful Medicaid expansion are ideological and neglect more than 100,000 Utahns that need access to the healthcare system.

“Utahns waited for the Governor to develop his Healthy Utah plan. They then waited as the Legislature failed to act in the last legislative session. They continued to wait while the “Gang of Six” flew off to Washington and came home with a self-imposed July 2, 2015 deadline, now just five days away. Then they waited as Speaker Hughes claimed that nothing would happen until the Supreme Court ruled. Now that Speaker Hughes’ red herring has been resolved, Utahns expect, and should demand, quick and urgent action on an issue that is long overdue. After all that waiting, the Utah legislature owes us that much.

“Utahns are #stillwaiting.”

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