Alliance for a Better Utah is a nonprofit that holds politicians accountable and advocates for progressive policies that make Utah an even better place.

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Utah’s cannabis laws are failing us

Did you know Utah is one of only 18 states that still punishes individuals for non-violent cannabis possession? Under current Utah law, possession of as little as an ounce or less of cannabis can result

Humans Against Mike Lee

Mike Lee has been a United States senator for 12 years. So we decided to look into his record according to some of our core principles and let you know why we are #HumansAgainstMikeLee. Strong

How committed to progress are your legislators?

2023 Progress Report

Lawmakers pass hundreds of bills each year. How many of those bills make Utah a better state for everyone?

Better Utah’s annual Progress Report is a collection of the most important bills (both good and bad) that were considered during the Legislative Session. We grade lawmakers on how they voted, so you can be in the know on how your representatives are doing up at the Utah Capitol.

What We Believe

Our vision for a Better Utah starts with these four cornerstones.

Equal Rights


Criminal Justice Reform
Women's Rights
LGBTQ+ Rights
Disability Rights
Immigrant Rights
Racial Justice
Reproductive Rights
Indigenous Rights

Strong Communities


Police Reform
Gun Violence Prevention
Economic Justice
Affordable Housing
Tenants Rights
Public Safety
Child care

Good Government


Voting Rights
Ballot Initiatives
Checks & Balances
Access to Justice
First Amendment

Sustainable Future


Clean Energy
Clean Air
Public Lands
Natural Resources
Public Transit
Progressive Tax Reform
Water Conservation
Environmental Conservation

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