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Gear up for election season and stay informed!

We’ve compiled all the info you need to get involved in the 2020 election including how to register, how to vote in the general election, how to get your mail-in ballot, and what to make of a few items you’ll be voting on!

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Lawmakers pass hundreds of bills each year. How many of those bills make Utah a better state for everyone?

We tracked every bill the Legislature passed in the 2020 general session and identified the most important ones. Using our Progress Report, you can get a snapshot at how well your representatives did at building a state that works for all of us.

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Press Release: Burgess Owens accepted illegal contributions

PRESS RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 27, 2020 Salt Lake City, UT – Today, the New York Times broke the story that Republican candidate for Utah’s 4th Congressional District, Burgess Owens, has accepted at least $130,000 in illegal campaign contributions. These donations were over the legal limit for Congressional donations and have not yet been returned or

Press Release: Senator Ipson comments about police violence are obscene

PRESS RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 20, 2020 Salt Lake City, UT – During a discussion on police K9 certifications during a Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee meeting earlier today, Senator Don Ipson made controversial comments about complaints about use of police dogs. Sen. Ipson voted to explore the issue in a future bill, but

Vote. Track. Share.

The moment we’ve been waiting for is here — it’s time to vote! Utahns all over the state have started receiving their ballots. Here’s what you need to know to make sure your vote counts. It’s as simple as: Vote. Track. Share.  VOTE. Be an early voter. We like to tell people to be an October

What’s the deal with Amendment G?

Utah has 7 constitutional amendments on the ballot this year. The one that’s attracting the most pushback is Amendment G, which would change the way that education is funded in Utah.  The Better Utah position: We’re opposed… but it’s complicated.  Let’s break it down.  Utah’s constitution requires that income tax can only be used to

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