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2022 Session Week Six

It’s day 41 of the 45-day Utah Legislative Session! We fully expect the Legislature to be working into the wee hours of the last day of the session on Friday, so we will be too. Please follow along with us via Twitter or sign up for our daily updates to get our action alerts over

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2022 Session Week Five

Here is week 5 of Utah’s Legislative Session update! Things are moving quickly up here on Capitol Hill as lawmakers rush to move bills through the process with a little over nine days left until sine die.    Until then, we have some action alerts for you and updates on some of the bills we are watching

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2022 Session Week Four

Here are two updates I wanted to share with you from the session last week: UTAH LAKE: Conserve Utah Valley held a rally at the Capitol Building on Monday last week to protest Lake Restoration Solution’s proposal to deepen Utah Lake and use the dredged materials to create manufactured islands for development and recreation. Over

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2022 Session Week Three

Last week we saw movement on two problematic bills focused on lawmakers and the free press. HB 96, which raises the cost of accessing public records for those who frequently request them from government entities, passed the House last Wednesday.A lawmaker singled out the Salt Lake Tribune as a “vexatious requester,” implying their requests for

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2022 Session Week One

Last week, the Utah GOP surrendered in the war against COVID-19. It has only been a week since the legislative session started, but lawmakers quickly passed SJR 3: Joint Resolution to Terminate Public Health Orders Pertaining to Face Coverings, which will prematurely lift the 30-day mask order in Salt Lake and Summit Counties that were

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