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2022 Session Week Three

Last week we saw movement on two problematic bills focused on lawmakers and the free press.

  • HB 96, which raises the cost of accessing public records for those who frequently request them from government entities, passed the House last Wednesday.
    A lawmaker singled out the Salt Lake Tribune as a “vexatious requester,” implying their requests for information were wasting government employees’ time and taxpayer money. This comment continues a troubling pattern in public attacks against the Tribune by GOP officials.
  • SR 1, another resolution we’re watching, creates stricter rules for news media to access Senators. Some press members are saying that access to lawmakers has become more restricted over the past few years, and this resolution is another example of the troubling practice. Limiting press access to lawmakers is a problem If we want a functioning government that works and delivers on the needs of the people. 

Contact your lawmakers to vote NO on both HB 96 and SR 1 here.

As always, we thank you for your continued support and all that you do to make Utah an even better place. 

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