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Chase Thomas: Court leaves Utah vulnerable to new rounds of gerrymandering

This commentary originally appeared at sltrib.com. Read it in its entirety here. After years of waiting for something to be done, we have learned that the U.S. Supreme Court did not have the wherewithal to address one of the most glaring and damaging aspects of our representative democracy: gerrymandering. Chief Justice John Roberts’ decision that

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Press Release: Better Utah responds to SCOTUS gerrymandering decision

PRESS RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 27, 2019 Salt Lake City, UT – Today, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled along partisan lines that Federal Courts cannot make decisions on partisan gerrymandering. In the opinion for the majority, Chief Justice Roberts stated that partisan gerrymandering is a political question outside the authority of the

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U.S. Supreme Court won’t hear Utah GOP’s lawsuit over election law

This article originally appeared on KUTV 2. Read it in its entirety here. The United States Supreme Court refused on Monday to hear the Utah Republican Party’s case against S.B. 54, which allows Utah political candidates to gather signatures to get their name on a ballot. The case Utah Republican Party v. Cox, Spencer J. was listed under

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Okay fine, let’s talk about abortion

Last week, a House committee gave the green light to H.B. 166, Rep. Lisonbee’s resurrected bill prohibiting abortion if the sole reason is because the fetus has Down syndrome. It’s a bad bill for a number of reasons: it can’t go into effect right now because it would be unconstitutional; it’s more “resolution” than “bill”

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In S.B. 54 Filing, Bishop and Lee Choose Party Over Constituents

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 21, 2018 Salt Lake City, UT – After Senator Mike Lee and Representative Rob Bishop, among others, filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of the Utah Republican Party’s appeal on S.B. 54, Alliance for a Better Utah issued the following statement: “It is extremely

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Press Release: Better Utah Criticizes Hatch for “Slut-Shaming” Tweet

PRESS RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 2, 201 BETTER UTAH CRITICIZES HATCH FOR “SLUT-SHAMING” TWEET Salt Lake City, UT – Today, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch tweeted excerpts of a sworn statement from Utah resident Dennis Ketterer, attempting to discredit Julie Swetnick’s account accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. Katie Matheson, communications director for

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