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Conclusive data: Legislature is out of touch

As the 2015 Legislative Session comes to a close, one thing is abundantly clear: Legislators don’t care what voters think. Whose thoughts, exactly, do they care for? Donors? Delegates? We may never know for sure, but we do know that despite overwhelming public support or opposition on several key issues, lawmakers are ignoring the will

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Utah legislature veers right of Utahns on liquor laws

Utah’s old fashioned liquor laws have less to do with how Utahns think about alchohol and more to do with how their elected leaders think. A poll published this week by UtahPolicy, a political news site, showed some 62% of Utahns support removing the Zion Curtain, while 31% want to keep it in place. The Zion Curtain is the popular name given to

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Polls are both art and science

Did you see the latest poll? No doubt you’ve heard that sentence several times over the course of this election season. It seems that every day there is a new poll showing this candidate ahead or that one behind. But what do these polls really tell us? There is a famous picture that shows a

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The One Schmuck Rule

When reviewing all the bills each legislative session, there is a common question I find myself repeating: “What is the point of this bill?” When you dig a little further, speak with the sponsor, or hear the bill presented, you’ll often hear mentioned they “have a constituent who had this problem. . . .” I

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Poll Retraction Wins Salt Lake Tribune a Better Beehive Award

Salt Lake City — Each day this week the Alliance for a Better UTAH will announce a winner of its 2012 Better Beehive Awards. The award recognizes five notable Utahns and groups for their progressive efforts this year. The third Better Beehive goes to the Salt Lake Tribune Editorial board for its decision to retract

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Revisions and Retractions: Better UTAH Corrects the Record

The Salt Lake Tribune had to do what no media outlet wants to do: admit that it is wrong. But when their poll, conducted by Mason-Dixon, showed wildly differing results than other polls for the races for Salt Lake County Mayor and the 4th Congressional District, they took the high road and revised their polling.

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