Press Statement on Salt Lake Tribune’s Retraction of Error-filled Poll

Salt Lake City — In light of internal polling by the Alliance for a Better UTAH and Dan Jones & Associates, the Salt Lake Tribune will retract their poll results for the County Mayor’s race tomorrow morning.

Better UTAH has released the following statement with the hope that the Tribune will also retract the results of their 4th Congressional District poll:

“It is impossible to know the impact on the election of the Tribune’s unfortunate decision to announce methodologically flawed poll results,” said Maryann Martindale, Better UTAH Executive Director. “It is never easy to admit that you’ve made an error. We respect the integrity of the Tribune for wanting to get it right. Journalistic integrity is essential for an active, functioning democracy like the one we enjoy here in Utah. It is now incumbent upon Utahns to evaluate the information and exercise their right to vote.”

Additional information can be found here:
Alliance for a Better Utah |  801.557.1532   |
The Alliance for a Better UTAH is a year-round, multi-issue education and advocacy organization providing resources, commentary, and action on important public policy matters.

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