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County Government Needs You

Within 10 minutes of meeting someone, I can’t help but ask if they’re registered to vote. I’m the worst, I know. I’m sure it’s not doing me any favors in the dating scene, but I can’t help myself. The responses I often get are “no, it doesn’t matter” or something to that effect. With nationwide

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The Many Faces of Orrin Hatch

During a speech at the High School Leadership Summit on last Thursday, Hatch disparaged liberal bashing stating, “if you are owning libs just to own libs, your victory will be short-lived” which he followed with an urge for the audience to “aim higher.” The Senator’s recommendation was well stated and something he himself should heed.

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Legislators Turn a Deaf Ear to Native Voices

After the legislature’s call to rescind Bears Ears led the Outdoor Retailer trade show to relocate to Colorado, one would think our representatives would handle future land decisions more carefully and listen to constituents. Including input from those who occupy these lands and consider them sacred is not only the right thing to do, it’s

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My Immersion into Politics

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Politics: a bad word to some and an often avoided topic of dinner conversation. Being a recently graduated 31-year-old political communications intern who’s relatively wet-behind-the-ears when it comes to Utah politics, I find it easy to get overwhelmed. Immersing oneself in the ever-evolving political issues that face our state can feel more like self-induced waterboarding

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