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My Past Three Months at ABU

My journey to the Alliance for a Better Utah was quite fortuitous. After graduating BYU in April, I sent an email to Better Utah asking for a job — even though there were no job postings. Perhaps it was a little audacious, but I simply knew that I wanted to work with the organization. Amazingly,

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August 2017 Interim Session Update: Teachers’ Salaries

Education Interim Committee – 8/23/17 Education–it’s important! However, as we all know “action speak louder than words,” and while our legislators continue to speak tough on funding education, their actions continue to say otherwise. During August’s Interim Session, legislators met and discussed the topic of “Educator Salaries and Retention,” and although it seems like everyone

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My First Non-Profit Internship

I’ve been an intern in a couple different political spheres but this was my first experience involving a non-profit. Truthfully, I wasn’t even planning on being an intern again after my graduation in May but I found myself floundering. My uncle actually told be about Alliance for a Better Utah over dinner one night, and

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Happy Endings, New Beginnings

We all know the man behind the curtain was the source of power for the fabled Wizard of Oz; similarly, the Alliance for a Better Utah relies on the exceptional talents of dedicated people to help bring balance, transparency, and accountability to our state. I invite you to peek behind the curtain and meet some

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Voting expected to be down, down, down

The Better UTAH Beat airs Tuesday afternoons on KVNU’s For the People. Podcasts of previous episodes are available here. —– Voter turnout could reach devastating lows this fall if a new poll by the Harvard Institute of Politics is any indication. Youth voters are expected to be especially absent from the polls. Midterm elections usually feature significantly

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