My First Non-Profit Internship

I’ve been an intern in a couple different political spheres but this was my first experience involving a non-profit. Truthfully, I wasn’t even planning on being an intern again after my graduation in May but I found myself floundering. My uncle actually told be about Alliance for a Better Utah over dinner one night, and upon research I found myself agreeing with their positions. I applied and was pleasantly surprised on my first day how free and easy going everyone was. In meetings I was actually allowed to voice my opinions, as opposed to the approach the federal government has with interns; interns should not be seen or heard. Since the first day, I’ve felt like a part of the team, albeit a very new and inexperienced part. I would even use ‘we’ when talking about or explaining what Better Utah has done or is doing, a first for me.

As for the actual work, I was able to choose what I worked on for the most part. I was able to get involved with campaign finance research, as well as dip my toes in redistricting problems in utah, and I even had an environmental LTE published. As with any job there are menial tasks, but everything I did at Better Utah had a purpose from creating lists (which I found to be oddly satisfying) to doing background research. In short, I felt useful which is a great feeling when one is floundering. It was a good experience.

– Reva Laurella, Summer 2017 Karen Shepherd Intern

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