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Wildfires and climate change

The 2017 fire season in North America was the worst on record and the 2018 fire season is quickly gaining on that unfortunate record. This week alone, the Dollar Ridge Fire has raged across Central Utah, taking with it the homes of hundreds of Utah residents and causing unsafe air quality throughout Central Utah. The

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My Past Three Months at ABU

My journey to the Alliance for a Better Utah was quite fortuitous. After graduating BYU in April, I sent an email to Better Utah asking for a job — even though there were no job postings. Perhaps it was a little audacious, but I simply knew that I wanted to work with the organization. Amazingly,

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My First Non-Profit Internship

I’ve been an intern in a couple different political spheres but this was my first experience involving a non-profit. Truthfully, I wasn’t even planning on being an intern again after my graduation in May but I found myself floundering. My uncle actually told be about Alliance for a Better Utah over dinner one night, and

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Reflections from an Intern

We have all know what intern work looks like.  Grabbing coffee for every member of the office, making thousands of copies, and generally being incredibly bored are staples of the standard internship.  This is what I expected for my internship with Alliance for a Better Utah.  I can’t be more grateful that that is not

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BETTER UTAH Welcomes BYU Public Service Fellow

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 5, 2015 CONTACT:      Josh Kanter Founder & Board President info@betterutah.org   801.893.2281 BETTER UTAH WELCOMES BYU PUBLIC SERVICE FELLOW Salt Lake City, Utah – The Alliance for a Better Utah welcomes Chase Thomas as its new Policy and Advocacy Associate Director.  The position is made possible through a generous partnership with

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