Holyoak: Improvements needed in AG’s office

mark shurtleff image

Like any work environment, the Utah Attorney General’s Office has room for improvement. Unlike other work environments, a history of corruption, largely due to unrestricted, dark money campaign contributions, makes improving the environment there much more difficult.
In a recent op-ed in the Deseret News, Isaac Holyoak, communications director for Alliance for a Better UTAH, discussed the [...]

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The company you keep: Mia Love and Paul Ryan to team up

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Congresswoman-elect Mia Love went to great lengths during her campaign to refute earlier promises she had made to do away with the Department of Education–including popular Pell grants and subsidized loans that allow many Americans to afford a college education. The assignment of her new congressional mentor, Paul Ryan, gives cause to consider whether or not her [...]

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More days equals more damage from the Utah Legislature

utah legislature

In just under 70 days the Utah State Legislature will meet for its annual 45-day session. There is a move among some legislators to push for a longer session.
Utah has one of the shortest sessions in the country. We have a calendar-day session, meaning that once you take out weekends and holidays we are left [...]

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Super PAC Club for Growth endorses Mike Lee

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Senator Lee just picked up an endorsement from the super conservative, Super PAC Club for Growth.
You know, the same group that wants to impose vouchers on public education and thinks corporations shouldn’t pay any taxes at all.

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Cautionary tale of the Grand County Council

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Although the historic election of Congresswoman Mia Love is garnering significant attention, there is one election that has not gotten the attention it deserves–the Grand County Council election. What happened in Grand County should serve as a cautionary tale for elected officials everywhere.
Shortly before the election, the Grand County Council met to hear public opinion [...]

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Utah legislature veers right of Utahns on liquor laws

liquor laws zion curtain image

Utah’s old fashioned liquor laws have less to do with how Utahns think about alchohol and more to do with how their elected leaders think. A poll published this week by UtahPolicy, a political news site, showed some 62% of Utahns support removing the Zion Curtain, while 31% want to keep it in place. The Zion Curtain is the popular name given to [...]

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