Report shows low morale in AG’s office

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Salt Lake City — Alliance for a Better UTAH released today the results of a survey of employees in the Utah attorney general’s office.
The 2014 Attorney General’s Office Climate Report is part of Better UTAH’s Citizen Audit Series, designed to increase transparency and accountability within Utah’s various state agencies.
In conjunction with the report’s release, Maryann [...]

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Amendments to state constitution need your attention

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Salt Lake City — When voters cast their ballots next Tuesday some may be surprised to learn there are more than candidates on the ballot. Three amendments to the Utah state constitution are also up for a vote.
While the news cycle has focused on high profile races like the attorney general’s race and the 4th [...]

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2nd Amendment takes down the 1st, again

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By now everyone has heard of the threat made against Anita Sarkeesian, an online gaming critic who was scheduled to speak at Utah State University. According to Utah law, university officials cannot bar attendees from open-carrying weapons into any public venue, in this case, a public university. Fearing for her safety and uncomfortable with the [...]

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Polls are both art and science


Did you see the latest poll?
No doubt you’ve heard that sentence several times over the course of this election season. It seems that every day there is a new poll showing this candidate ahead or that one behind.
But what do these polls really tell us?
There is a famous picture that shows a grinning Harry Truman [...]

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Secret bills threaten transparency in Utah

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There is a saying that is often used about lawmaking–“Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.”
While we may not want to watch, it is important for Utahns to pay close attention to the sausage making that takes place on our own Capitol Hill.
Our legislative process is actually pretty straightforward. [...]

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