Citizens of Grand County receive 2014 Better Beehive Award

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Salt Lake City – It’s no wonder that voter turnout has dropped across the state given the perception, perhaps accurate, that a vote no longer has the currency it once had before elections were awash with dark money and legislative halls with corporate lobbyists, but one rural county in southeastern Utah has determined to reverse that trend.

Voters in Grand County showed up in droves on November 4 to vote out three Grand County Council members after they approved Grand County’s inclusion in the controversial Seven …

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Gov’s Healthy Utah Plan hits a hurdle at task force meeting


Salt Lake City — The Utah Legislature’s Health Reform Task Force opted today for more of the same by passing a motion not to recommend Governor Herbert’s Healthy Utah Plan. Herbert’s plan would provide insurance, at minimal cost to the state, to tens of thousands of Utahns who earn less than other Utahns.

In light of this breaking development, good government group Alliance for a Better UTAH has released the following statement:

“‘Tis the season of giving hope, unless you’re the Utah legislature,” said Maryann Martindale, executive …

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Legislature playing God in debate over healthcare

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Here in Utah, the debate over Medicaid Expansion has gone back and forth for more than two years now.

It was clear from the beginning that although it would be the simplest and least expensive way to cover the most people, full expansion would never win the support of our elected officials. In fact, in order to make sure that the Governor didn’t take it on himself to make that decision, the legislature passed a law requiring any final decision on expansion, to have legislative approval.

For …

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Better Beehive Awards 2014

better beehive award 2014

Each year the Alliance for a Better UTAH awards five individuals or organizations its Better Beehive Award. Given to those individuals or organizations that have worked to make Utah more balanced, transparent and accountable, recipients of the Better Beehive Award come from all walks of life, from all over the political spectrum and from all over the state. And though there is much work to be done in Utah to make it a better place to live, there are still many reasons to celebrate. This award is …

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Billions gone in Utah education spending since 90s

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A report by the Utah Citizens’ Counsel shows a cumulative loss of billions in public education spending in Utah due to tax cuts and funding shifts.*

If you were to assemble a group of the most brilliant, forward-thinking, data-driven Utahns, that group would look a lot like the Utah Citizens’ Counsel.

Composed of some of the state’s senior thinkers and leaders, members of the Utah Citizens’ Counsel have dedicated their post-retirement years to improving the welfare of all Utahns, not just those with deep pockets.

They met Wednesday, on National Human …

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Land grab plan is too damn risky

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Last week saw the release of a long-awaited report on the feasibility of Utah managing federal lands.

According to the report, Utah could conceivably take over the management of federal lands within our borders, and with the money derived from extractive industries, pay for its upkeep.

First, the most obvious hitch in this whole plan is that the federal government has no intention of ceding control of these lands to Utah but let’s just assume for a moment that they did. According to legislators who support the …

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