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New Thanksgiving Traditions

Every year on Thanksgiving, we get together with our families; we eat a lot of food, we talk with our uncles about politics, we laugh, and we have our family traditions. This Thanksgiving we encourage you to make a new family tradition, and it’s something easy you can do with your family. We learned in

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Serving the one and serving the many

A few years ago on my way home from work, I came upon an older woman balancing a bag of groceries on her walker as she headed for her apartment. I quickly offered a hand and she and I went up the steps together as I carried her groceries. As I walked away, I felt

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How To Talk To Your Crazy Uncle At Thanksgiving About Syrian Refugees

America is a nation of immigrants – built on a long, proud history of aiding persecuted people. The Statue of Liberty—the Mother of Exiles—welcomes millions seeking a safe haven with the comforting words, “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Over the past few years, more than 4 million

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Surviving the inevitable Thanksgiving dinner political chat

First rule of Thanksgiving: Don’t talk about politics. Second rule of Thanksgiving: Your crazy uncle will talk about politics. Our nation is divided and for many of us, that includes our families, too. The Internet is populated with suggestions for making sure that division doesn’t totally ruin your Thanksgiving meal. Instead of coming up with one

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Turkey of the Year award goes to Utah’s Sen. Mike Lee

Turkeys will soon be gracing Utah tables as families sit down to enjoy their Thanksgiving feast, but turkeys can be found year-round in Utah, especially in government and politics. That’s why good government group Alliance for a Better UTAH polls its supporters to award an annual Turkey award to the state politician who had the

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