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The breaking point of individualism

What a whirlwind the two weeks have been. (I say that figuratively. Mother Nature, if you are reading this, please do not get any ideas.) In the midst of a pandemic and the largest earthquake Utah has seen in decades, state and local leaders have responded in rapid and productive ways. They deserve a tremendous

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Op-ed: Sutherland Institute: Think tank or advertising agency?

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune The Sutherland Institute, Utah’s self-proclaimed conservative think tank, suggests that it is a fact-based organization and that its positions and messages rise above the political fray. Well, its recent series of videos about Bears Ears suggests otherwise. Sutherland launched an ad campaign attacking the Obama administration and calling for the

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Letter: Mero is right about Republican failings

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune They say even a broken clock is right twice a day. As the founder of the Alliance for a Better Utah, I have agreed with Paul Mero, former head of the self-proclaimed conservative Sutherland Institute, on few things. But Mero and Sutherland were important and stalwart supporters of sensible immigration

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Better UTAH Beat episode 13! Critical Thinking in Education

After the Republican Party of Texas instituted a policy to end “critical thinking skills” from being taught in schools, Alliance for a Better UTAH says Utahns should be concerned that extreme-right groups like the Eagle Forum and the Sutherland Institute are taking us down a similar path

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Parts 1 & 2 are below, featuring Better UTAH Communications Director, Eric Ethington. Although we were originally scheduled to debate the conservative Sutherland Institute, the night before the broadcast they withdrew from the debate and opted instead to respond to us rather than debate us directly. In the interest of balance, we would encourage you

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Better UTAH Beat episode 6! June 12, 2012

Episode 6 of the Better UTAH Beat! Rep Bill Wright perfectly illustrates how the Utah Legislature refuses to listen to the people, plus the Sutherland Institute continues their fight against personal freedoms

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