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Silence on Utah’s Capitol Hill over Gov’s Health Plan

Salt Lake City — Despite a new poll showing overwhelming support for Governor Herbert’s Healthy Utah Plan, legislators were silent about expanding health care during their monthly interim session today. Maryann Martindale, executive director of good government group Alliance for a Better UTAH, has released the following statement, calling for urgency in considering health care

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Current state gun laws should be applied fairly, uniformly

Salt Lake City — The Alliance for a Better UTAH has issued the following statement regarding the fair application of current state gun laws: “Though it will be some time before the domestic violence and other charges filed against Utah Shooting Sports Chairman Clark Aposhian are fully adjudicated, and the civil stalking injunction that has

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Press statement on bipartisan support of HB23 (HOV Lane Amendments)

Salt Lake City— Numerous bills are being considered in the state legislature that affect air quality in Utah. And though many of those bills are designed to improve air quality, the only bill passed thus far could have a negative effect on access to clean breathing air. In response to the bipartisan support of HB23,

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