Current state gun laws should be applied fairly, uniformly

Salt Lake City — The Alliance for a Better UTAH has issued the following statement regarding the fair application of current state gun laws:

“Though it will be some time before the domestic violence and other charges filed against Utah Shooting Sports Chairman Clark Aposhian are fully adjudicated, and the civil stalking injunction that has been issued may yet be overturned, we applaud the delicate balance of Utah state law that respects the Second Amendment while recognizing that restrictions on gun ownership are appropriate when a gun owner may be a threat to others.

“A safe and civilized society requires that special restraint is accorded to the ownership and use of firearms. The laws governing Utah’s concealed carry permit, which allows a citizen to carry a loaded gun in public, are based on the assumption that holders of a concealed carry permit are responsible enough to carry a dangerous weapon without causing – or even threatening – undue harm or hardship to other members of the public. When evidence emerges that suggests the holder of a concealed carry permit is no longer a law-abiding citizen, that permit should be revoked.

“Recognizing that no one knows what happens behind anyone else’s bedroom door, we caution Representative Curt Oda and other elected officials from expressing support or condemnation of Mr. Aposhian and his character through the media.

“What this situation does confirm is the need for our current concealed carry laws and other Utah regulations governing gun ownership. The Utah State Legislature would be wise to curtail their attempts to erode these important public safety laws.”

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