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Why are teens so angry?

Katie Kern is a high school policy intern for Alliance for a Better Utah. Why are teens so angry? Why are they so violent? Why are they so radical about politics? As a 17-year-old activist who cares deeply about politics, I hear those questions all the time. In my short lifetime, I have never seen

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March for Our Lives and march to the polls

On February 14th, 2018, the entire nation was shaken, once again, with the news of another fatal school shooting in Parkland, Florida. The shooter ultimately killed 17 people with a legally purchased, 223-caliber AR-15 rifle. While this storyline seemed all too familiar, what happened next ignited a counter revolution, nationwide, led by America’s next generation

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Enough is still enough

I will never forget the small, high-pitched voice behind me in the crowd of thousands that tirelessly chanted, “enough is enough.” When chanting had become fatiguing for the adults, that little voice kept going, kept chanting, kept the momentum until the surrounding adults again joined in. The voice didn’t seem to falter or tire; it

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