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Political affiliation: Alliance for a Better UTAH

Every so often people will find the Alliance for a Better UTAH website with the keyword string: “political affiliation alliance for a better utah.” I always feel a little discouraged when that search term comes up. In my experience, political affiliation is frequently used as a shortcut for accepting or rejecting an organization’s or person’s

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“Liberal” groups also targeted by IRS

Maryann was on Morning Edition this morning talking about our delayed (c)(3) status (we still haven’t gotten it). Turns out so-called liberal groups were also targeted by the IRS. You can hear/read the story by clicking on the image below.

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Libertas Institute Founder: Closet Liberal?

The president and founder of Utah’s newest libertarian think-tank, the Libertas Institute, penned a surprisingly liberal-minded op-ed on the pages of the Salt Lake Tribune last Sunday. In the op-ed, Connor Boyack discusses the suicide of Matthew David Stewart, accused of killing police officer Jared Francom when his house was raided for growing marijuana. Boyack’s

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On being in favor of marriage equality

The last two weeks featured a series of prominent politicians who have come out in favor of marriage equality. As of this writing, there are only three senate Democrats who oppose same-sex marriage. Even two Republican senators have voiced their support for marriage equality. This trend is likely to continue. Nate Silver has run the

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WATCH: Better UTAH Beat Nov 13, 2012

After a severe thrashing in the election, national GOP leaders are considering taking a softer stance on issues like immigration. But locally, the Utah Republicans in the State Legislature are threatening to go further to the extreme.

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WATCH: Better UTAH Beat episode 22! Mark Crockett vs The Bloggers

Mark Crockett is in his 3rd straight week of negative press. 1st was the illegal campaign contributions he accepted, 2nd was his angry attacks on blogger/radio host JM Bell for posting about Crockett’s open tax liens, and now the political blog PRIDEinUtah has uncovered some false endorsements Crockett is using.

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