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From a Person of Faith to the Legislature

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Faith leaders throughout the state joined together to sign a letter in regards to S.B. 86, “Victim Selection Penalty Enhancement,” sponsored by Sen. Thatcher. They urged legislators to support the legislation, emphasizing the need for Utah to remain a place of safety and refuge for all groups of people. The list of signatories includes leaders

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Another group calls for resignation of Commissioner Greg Graves

The group Alliance for a Better Utah is calling for the resignation of County Commissioner Greg Graves. During a meeting of the Utah County Commission Tuesday, they delivered a petition with over 300 signatures calling for his resignation. Graves, who was not at the meeting, is facing accusations of harassment in the workplace. The organization says his

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Hundreds sign petition asking Greg Graves to resign

The Alliance for a Better Utah delivered a petition to the Utah County Commission Tuesday morning asking embattled Utah County Commissioner Greg Graves to resign from his office. Graves came into the spotlight about two weeks ago when his fellow commissioners released documents detailing a sexual harassment complaint filed against Graves and a subsequent investigation into the issue.

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Pressure mounts on embattled Utah County commissioner to resign

Source: Desert News, KSL Pressure continued to mount Friday on embattled Utah County Commissioner Greg Graves following allegations that he sexually harassed a county employee and has exhibited bullying, intimidating and explosive behavior at the county workplace. The group Alliance for a Better Utah on Friday joined the Utah County Republican Party and his two fellow county commissioners in

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So Long, Farewell…

In middle school and high school, I convinced myself I was destined for the stage (#MusicalTheaterNerd). I sang in choirs, took voice lessons, struggled to touch my toes in ballet class, emoted fiercely in my acting classes… Then everything changed when I took AP Environmental Science  at Highland High (go Rams). This led to my

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Polarization of Politics

Let’s play a little game. As you read the following statements, pay close attention to your reactions. Alright, understand the rules? Let’s go. – – – – – Trans men and women should be able to use the bathroom of their gender identity. Climate change isn’t real. It’s a Chinese hoax to bankrupt America. Humans

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