Another group calls for resignation of Commissioner Greg Graves

The group Alliance for a Better Utah is calling for the resignation of County Commissioner Greg Graves.

During a meeting of the Utah County Commission Tuesday, they delivered a petition with over 300 signatures calling for his resignation.

Graves, who was not at the meeting, is facing accusations of harassment in the workplace. The organization says his alleged actions are not appropriate and that he must be held accountable.

Laura Boyer, Policy and Advocacy Fellow for Alliance for a Better Utah said the fact that he didn’t show up to the meeting shows that he cares what people think about him.

“One, [it shows] he is lacking on his responsibilities as a county commissioner, and two, I think it shows that he is scared of public comment and he was kind of being a coward by not showing up and showing his face,” Boyer said.

Earlier this month the Utah County Republican party also called for his resignation.

This isn’t the first time Graves has been in question. In 2015, he was linked to an account on the cheating website Ashley Madison.

Read the entire ABC 4 report here.

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