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Press Release: Weber County Loophole Allowed Big Payoff to Elected Official

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 28, 2018 WEBER COUNTY LOOPHOLE ALLOWED BIG PAYOFF TO ELECTED OFFICIAL Salt Lake City, UT – Today, Alliance for a Better Utah called on a former Weber County Commissioner to pay back a portion of his retirement incentive. Former Weber County Commissioner Kerry Gibson benefited from a loophole in

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Utah Inland Port board to discuss opening closed-door subcommittee meetings after backlash

This article originally appeared in the Deseret News. Read the article in its entirety here.  SALT LAKE CITY — After controversy over the Utah Inland Port Board subcommittees meeting behind closed doors, board leaders have indicated they have heard the concerns and may consider opening the meetings. Derek Miller, chairman of the Utah Inland Port Authority board

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Press Release: A Free Press is Essential to Our Democracy

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 16, 2018 A FREE PRESS IS ESSENTIAL TO OUR DEMOCRACY Salt Lake City, UT – As newspapers across the country participate in a coordinated campaign to remind American citizens of the importance of a free press, Katie Matheson, communications director for Alliance for a Better Utah, issued the following

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Press Release: San Juan County Clerk Must Immediately Resign From Office

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 11, 2018 SAN JUAN COUNTY CLERK MUST IMMEDIATELY RESIGN FROM OFFICE Salt Lake City, UT – Following a federal judge’s finding that San Juan County Clerk John Nielson falsified an official document which led to the contested removal of Willie Grayeyes from the November ballot, Alliance for a Better

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Parenting and policy

As a working mother and a politically-minded Utahn, I spend a weird amount of time thinking about legal and government policies as I go about my day. Now, I don’t get as into the weeds as my brilliant colleagues do–one of the perks of not having the word “policy” in my title–but I do consider

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Something stinks in Utah. It’s our congressmen.

Something in in the air stinks. No, it’s not the delightful scent with overtones of boiled egg wafting in from the great Salt Lake, nor is it our EPA-rated-dangerous air. It’s an odd scent, one that people on the political left in Utah are familiar with and have come to recognize as omnipresent. That smell

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