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Sam’s Super Special Summer

My internship at ABU was the best part of my summer. I began applying for internships too late in the school year, and I was not optimistic about finding a good one. I sent an e-mail to ABU, and Josh, Maddie, and Chase quickly responded to arrange an interview. I was very lucky to find

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Reflections from the Better Intern

Nearly every profession will expect you to have relevant work experience or at least one internship before your application is even considered, regardless if it’s beneficial or not. For most students, scheduling time to be wasted is more than a nuisance. However, my time at Alliance for a Better Utah was more beneficial than I

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Reflections from an Intern

We have all know what intern work looks like.  Grabbing coffee for every member of the office, making thousands of copies, and generally being incredibly bored are staples of the standard internship.  This is what I expected for my internship with Alliance for a Better Utah.  I can’t be more grateful that that is not

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