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Coronavirus in Utah

Coronavirus, Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19–names that confuse, strike fear, and bewilder the general public. These words have become part of our every-day lexicon. There is not a day that goes by when there is not at least one discussion of the virus and how it is upending everyone’s lives. What started as a conversation in December

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A chocolate chip delivery for Utah’s Sen. Orrin Hatch — in the name of restoring CHIP health insurance for up to 20,000 kids

Source: Salt Lake Tribune The 20,000 chocolate chips were piled inside a foot-high plastic container, with a message for Utah’s senior senator scrawled on the outside in permanent marker: “One chocolate chip for every child waiting for Senator Hatch to do the right thing.” Each chip, explained Katie Matheson, with the group Alliance for a Better

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New campaign to hold legislators accountable for Healthy Utah votes

Salt Lake City — Good government group Alliance for a Better UTAH is launching a campaign to hold Rep. Jim Dunnigan and Sen. Allen Christensen accountable for their roles in blocking Governor Herbert’s Healthy Utah Plan. Herbert’s plan, while still falling short of full Medicaid expansion, would allow access to affordable health insurance for thousands

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Support Governor Herbert’s Healthy Utah Plan

Sen. Allen Christensen and Rep. Jim Dunnigan have led the legislature’s efforts to block Governor Herbert’s Healthy Utah Plan — a plan that would allow access to affordable health insurance for thousands of working Utah families. Christensen and Dunnigan have gone too far. It’s time to fight back.  We’re fighting back today by launching a campaign

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Medicaid, the Legislature and genetics

Retired Republican legislator and Better UTAH board member David Irvine recently penned an OpEd in the Salt Lake Tribune in which he makes an impassioned defense for Medicaid expansion. It isn’t really the concept of federal money that Republicans circa 2013 choke on. Federal money to buy things is just fine; it’s federal money to

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