Medicaid, the Legislature and genetics

Retired Republican legislator and Better UTAH board member David Irvine recently penned an OpEd in the Salt Lake Tribune in which he makes an impassioned defense for Medicaid expansion.

It isn’t really the concept of federal money that Republicans circa 2013 choke on. Federal money to buy things is just fine; it’s federal money to help people that is so difficult to swallow. Roads are great, so are dams, water projects, university research grants, disaster relief and airports. There is a swath of “rural” Utah that has state-of-the-art telephone and Internet access solely because of low-cost federal loans.

But money for education and health care? It’s socialism at the door and the Red Menace at the curb. Except that, to vote “yes” on your own health care insurance and “no” to cover Utahns in desperate need, is the kind of hypocrisy about which the Nazarene had other pointed things to say.

The full editorial can be found here.

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