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Commentary: Utah needs to reach across its urban-rural divide

This article originally appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune. In Utah, it pays to be part of the crowd. The state is the ninth most urbanized in the nation, with 90 percent of the people packed together on just 1 percent of the land — mostly along the Wasatch Front. And along the Wasatch Front, business is booming. According to the Utah Economic Council’s 2019 Economic Report to

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Access to health care improves employee productivity

How will the Affordable Care Act improve my company? This is a question often asked by small businesses across the nation. It is an important question because when growing a business, to be successful, you need to keep your cost low and your revenue high. A common concern with the new healthcare law is that

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New jobs expected with Medicaid expansion

I was recently speaking to a friend about Medicaid expansion. We both agreed this is a matter that goes beyond providing healthcare for more than 140,000 individuals in Utah. We discussed issues such as appropriate qualifications for Medicaid, alternatives of utilizing the promised funds from Washington, if it is wise waiting to expand and whether

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We can end discrimination against LGBT Utahns

Yesterday a few fellow students and I spent the afternoon working with Equality Utah to inform Westminster students about the need for a bill to protect LGBT Utahns from housing and employment discrimination. I was surprised to see how many of my friends, who are politically informed individuals, did not know that you could be

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Communications Director

The Communications Director will work closely with Executive Director and key members of the Board of Directors to develop and implement all aspects of Better UTAH communications. Media Working with Executive Director, develop a Better UTAH media plan Draft press releases and ensure their dissemination Organize press support for Better UTAH issues/actions Maintain an up-to-date

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