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Governor Cox is right: let’s be friends

As Biden’s presidency begins, 62% of Democrats believe he should compromise and work with congressional Republicans. Only 38% of Republicans, though, want compromise and unity from their leaders. It seems a majority of Republican voters prefer division, and our Utah officials have responded accordingly. Just one day after inauguration, Senator Mike Lee proclaimed Biden’s executive

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Democrat Kathie Allen singles out Mayor Curtis over Twitter

KUTV by Hannah Knowles On Wednesday, 3rd Congressional District candidate, Democrat Kathie Allen, tweeted out a photo criticizing Provo Mayor John Curtis for supporting Trump’s wall. On the left is a photo showing men holding tiki torches at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, and on the right is a photo of the statue of

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Candidates Tout Progressive Solutions at Debate

Six candidates for Utah’s Senate District 2 seat joined the ABU Education Fund, an affiliate of the progressive, good government group Alliance for a Better UTAH, and Fox13 Political Reporter Max Roth to debate Utah issues on Tuesday. The candidates are vying to replace outgoing Salt Lake County Mayor-elect Ben McAdams. McAdams’ replacement will be selected

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The Herald’s inaccurate critique of the “Democrats'” GRAMA request

In a recent editorial, the Provo Daily Herald castigated the Utah State Democratic Party and all those who supported the release of the Redistricting records, likening their frustration over the intransigence of the Record’s Committee to a “tantrum.” read their editorial here Despite the Herald’s attempt at making this a partisan request, there were several

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