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Guest opinion: More Americans voting is not a Democratic ‘power grab’

This article originally appeared in Utah Policy. Last month, Mitch McConnell took to the floor of the U.S. Senate to denounce the recently released bill designated by the new Democratic House majority as its priority legislation for the session. Attacking the idea of making Election Day a public holiday, a proposal supported by a large

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Local legislative debates announced

Salt Lake City — Finding solid electoral information is hard enough for national races, it can be nearly impossible for local races. A Utah non-profit is trying to change that. The ABU Education Fund, an affiliate of the Alliance for a Better UTAH, announced today it is joining with the University of Utah’s John R.

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Two-party system only works with two parties

Sometimes it feels like our two-party system is always in constant gridlock. Other times it feels like our only choice is between the lesser of two evils. While some might say that we need more alternatives, more parties, I’m happy with our two-party system. I believe it creates the right amount of balance to meet

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Count My Vote Initiative is about power

Even though the meeting of the Republican State Central Committee a few weeks ago was concerned largely with finding a replacement for former Attorney General John Swallow, the Count My Vote Initiative made a sneak peak in the end. In fact, the initiative was an underlying anxiety throughout the whole meeting. You might even say the

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A practical argument for keeping compulsory public education in Utah

Last week Senator Aaron Osmond wrote a post on the Utah Senate website arguing for the end of compulsory education in Utah. He focuses on the need to return the responsibility and right of educating children to parents: First, we need to restore the expectation that parents are primarily responsible for the educational success of

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Voting Could Get Easier in Utah

Voting is one of the most fundamental aspects of our democracy and one of the most basic rights we have as citizens. Unfortunately, voting is in crisis in Utah. This crisis is the result of both restrictive laws that make registering and casting a ballot more difficult and political apathy on the part of citizens.

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