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The Week in Letters: Pickleball puns and Cesar Chavez

Pickleball puns, Obama’s Cesar Chavez-style communism and firearm safety in this week’s Letters to the Editor from newspapers across the great state of Utah. SLC is going too far with pickleball Salt Lake City’s move to sweep tennis off the public courts and replace it with pickleball is a bad dill. Without any public conversation, the city

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August is the worst

The 23rd president of the United States was born 180 years ago this month. Can you name the 23rd president of the United States? I’ll give you a hint. He was the grandson of the 9th president of the United States. I’m referring, of course, to Benjamin Harrison, grandson of William Henry Harrison. A one-term

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Reagan is not a Founding Father

The American novelist and critic Gore Vidal famously referred to Ronald Reagan as “the acting President.” A clever turn of phrase, the kind of which Vidal was really good at, that highlights how Reagan was both the POTUS who happened to be an actor, and the sense in which Reagan was only ever filling in

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