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Rampant gerrymandering has left the boundaries of Utah’s four congressional districts looking like someone dropped their phone and the screen has cracked. Our current districts are drawn in such a way that majority-Democratic areas have been divided like slices of pie, lending Republican representatives an unfair advantage and deliberately devaluing the votes of a large number of Utahns.

Join us in our support of the Better Boundaries ballot initiative, which demands the installation of an independent redistricting commission. The nonpartisan commission will ensure that the 2021 redistricting session results in boundaries are proportionally representative, thereby reducing polarization and bolstering civic engagement.

Learn about Better Boundaries

Learn more about the Better Boundaries campaign, the initiative seeking to create fair redistricting standards and an independent redistricting commission.

Learn about redistricting

Utah Redistricting 2020, a nonpartisan group of concerned citizens, has tons of information and news about redistricting and gerrymandering in Utah.

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