The week in letters

From secret communist plots to calling out some of our elected leaders, here are the highlights (for better or worse) in this week’s Letters to the Editor.

Weiler should apologize to rally participants

Where was Sen. Todd Weiler, who represents one of the districts where some of the major polluters are located? We know that, wherever he was, he found time to post a question on FaceBook: “ many of the attendees drove their cars to the clean air rally…” Really, Senator? You actually had the temerity and audacity to imply that the attendees are hypocrites?

If you had made the effort to monitor these groups you would have been aware of the effort to remind people to use public transit, the effort of Lewis bus lines to provide transportation — gratis — of the UTA to accommodate, all in the spirit of cooperation! And if you had attended the event, you would have noticed the mostly empty parking lots. Four thousand people, and the parking lots weren’t full!

Lockhart’s faux pas

I was really shocked to hear House Speaker Becky Lockhart and her diatribe against Gov. Gary Herbert at the opening of the Utah State Legislature. I thought, as many of my friends thought, that it showed no class and was the wrong venue for her to perform in.

That kind of stuff goes on when you have your opponent engaged in public debate. If the tables had been turned and the governor was the speaker of the house and Lockhart was the governor, you would have heard an uproar throughout the state about how Herbert insulted the lady governor without her being able to defend herself.

Speaker Lockhart might have just assured Gov. Herbert a second term if he decides to run.

Communist policies?

I recently read an online comment from a reader, responding to a Deseret News article, complaining about: “…Obama and his communist policies!”

A partial definition of the word “communism” taken from my Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, says communism is: “a final stage of society in Marxist theory in which the state has withered away.”

President Obama’s policies hardly facilitate the withering away of the state (the government). The Marxist theory of the future withering away of government and the present day delusion of, “…Obama and his communist policies,” are both mirages.

Car idlers just don’t get it

I’m appalled at the number of vehicles I see idling senselessly. These are just some of the clueless idlers I’ve witnessed: waiting for someone in a grocery store, idling in a parking lot while playing video games on their smart phones, sitting in a parking lot talking on their cellphones.

What part of the connection between vehicle emissions and our air quality don’t these people get? It’s irked me to the point that I now tap on their vehicle windows and ask them to please turn off their keys since we have some of the worst air in the country. Duh!

Civil speech one-sided?

I attended the Celebration of Marriage rally in the Capitol Rotunda on Tuesday, Jan. 28. The program was excellent. Of course the LGBT supporters were there with their signs, and were for the most part well-behaved and were treated civilly.

During Attorney General Sean Reyes’ talk, one of the LGBT supporters in the middle of the audience went ballistic and tried to shout down Reyes’ talk. Just like sharks after blood in the water, the media present converged on this young man as if he were the only event of the night. Then during the closing prayer another LGBT adherent tried to drown out the prayer being said by a sweet Latino young woman.

Yes, free speech is a right given to all; but when the call goes out to be civil, apparently it only applies to those who support marriage between a man and a woman.

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