Utah Lawmaker Resigns From ALEC – Better UTAH Applauds Her Decision

Representative Christine Watkins (D, Price) sent out a press release this morning announcing her resignation from ALEC. Saying:

“The level of secrecy and removal of the public from the lawmaking process ALEC fosters is something I simply cannot ignore.”

Better UTAH responded to Representative Watkins’ announcement, applauding her for making the right choice for the people of House District 69.

“This is great news,” says Maryann Martindale, Executive Director of the Alliance for a Better UTAH. “Representative Watkins has followed the path of dozens of other lawmakers and companies around the country who have all said that ALEC has crossed the line. It is simply un-American for a group to hold private meetings between lobbyists and lawmakers to decide what legislation to run without being open to public scrutiny. The people in Representative Watkins’ district should be proud today, their Representative is fighting to uphold their right to participate in their government by resigning from ALEC.”


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