Utah Decided

On April 1st, 2019, 150,000 low-income Utahns will be eligible for affordable healthcare through Medicaid. The people of Utah enacted Medicaid expansion through ballot initiative in the 2018 election after years of inaction from the Utah Legislature. Now, the Legislature is working to strip these 150k Utahns of their healthcare with two different repeal bills.

Along with Utah Health Policy Project, Alliance for a Better Utah has been working to collect stories of why Utahns voted for Prop 3, Medicaid expansion. Utahns are sharing their stories at #UtahDecided and #WhyIVotedYes on social media and at Here’s a short collection of Utahns explaining, in their own words, why they voted for full Medicaid expansion.

And if you’ve heard questions raised about Medicaid expansion, check out our handy fact sheet at the bottom.

A majority of Utahns support full Medicaid expansion without interference from the Legislature. No caps. No work requirements. No cut-offs. The April 1st implementation will go into effect unless these attempts to undercut it are passed and signed into law. As always, the absolute best thing you can do to help 150k Utahns keep their healthcare is contact your elected representatives (State House and State Senate) and tell them to vote NO on any and all attempts to repeal Medicaid.

Get the facts here:

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