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R.I.P. | Blue Steel | April 13, 2017

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Don’t be alarmed: this is not a memorial to the iconic look Zoolander so graciously bestowed upon the world. No, April 13, 2017 is a special day in my heart because it was the day I gave up my car. I had affectionately come to refer to my 2005 Toyota Corolla as “Blue Steel” because,

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Questions arise surrounding Rep. Hughes’ role as UTA board chair

Salt Lake City — An audit of the Utah Transit Authority released yesterday showed gross mismanagement of taxpayer funds, leading one good government group to speak out about potential conflicts of interest between UTA and the state legislature. The audit, requested by the state legislature, will likely be the subject of intense discussion at a

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UTA’s big bonuses suggest principal-agent problem

Recent news headlines have disclosed that the Utah Transit Authority spent approximately $1.74 million last year on manager bonuses, doubling the total amount from 2012. On top of the bonus windfall, UTA is also seeking an increase in sales tax to fund additional bus service they claim had to be reduced as a result of

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