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Source: KRCL An update on Standing Rock and the growing Native Nations movement in Utah. Guests: Braidan Weeks of Living the Circle of Life, plus PANDOS and the Utah League of Native American Voters. Hosts: Lara Jones and Nick Burns. Utah legislation mentioned on tonight’s show: HB259: Duty to Retreat HB156: State Job Application Process

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Utahns visit Capitol to laud benefits of Affordable Care Act

SALT LAKE CITY — Without the Affordable Care Act, Kammie Garr may be forced to sign her son over to the state so he can get the medical care he desperately needs. “We struggle,” the Clinton mother of three said Wednesday. “He’s better with health care, but many of the therapies that would work for

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Majority of Utahns polled by group oppose Trump’s approach to Obamacare

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune Kammie Garr is among large numbers of Utah residents opposed to President Donald Trump’s plans for repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, as highlighted in a report released Wednesday. Garr spent countless nights in the emergency room with her son, Dominick, diagnosed at age 3 with the birth defect

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Source: City Weekly Unlikely Pair Effort to wrest federal lands meets push to pay teachers better at Capitol. Underpaid teachers and opponents of Utah’s new national monument on Wednesday came together in a rare piece of legislation bridging the two groups. The proposal from Rebecca Edwards, R-North Salt Lake, won support from the House Wednesday morning.

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