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More questions in prison relocation scheme

A few months ago, it looked as though the prison move was pretty much a done deal. But the last few weeks have made it look a little less of a sure thing. At the initial meeting where the prison relocation commission, made up primarily of legislators, announced their top six sites, protesters from Eagle

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Martindale: System that created Shurtleff and Swallow still here

It’s an important question: Are Shurtleff and Swallow bad apples in an otherwise fair electoral system? Or does the system itself need reform? In a weekend op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune, Maryann Martindale, executive director of Alliance for a Better UTAH, argued that citizens should avoid thinking of the Shurtleff/Swallow arrests as proof the system works.

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Shurtleff and Swallow show the system needs reform

Utah had a first last week when not one but two former Attorneys General were arrested and charged with a dozen crimes each. Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow have been in the news steadily for the more than a year now so the charges came as less of a surprise and more of an “it’s

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Better UTAH Beat Episode 56 – July 16, 2013

Tomorrow the Legislature’s Government Operations Committee will consider a bipartisan proposal that would add much-needed limits to campaign contributions in Utah. Sponsored by Representative Kraig Powell, a Republican from Heber City, and Representative Brian King, a Democrat from Salt Lake City, the bill would provide reform to Utah’s currently broken campaign finance system. In fact,

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Campaign finance limitations, disclosure database, will help rebuild public trust

Salt Lake City – Legislators will meet during tomorrow’s interim session to discuss campaign finance reform. The initial proposal would limit contributions to $10,000 for statewide offices like the Governor and Attorney General, $5,000 for legislative offices and $5,000 for the state school board. In light of tomorrow’s discussion, Maryann Martindale, executive director of the

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