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Can a TV show reform local government?

I know I’m a little late to Parks and Recreation, NBC’s award-winning comedy show about local government, but I started watching a couple of weeks ago and have been loving every episode. Its upbeat intro music and optimistic comedy make me excited about the possibilities of local government. As this painstaking essay on the show makes clear,

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U.S. Sen. Mike Lee, R-tea party

Better UTAH Communications Director Isaac Holyoak published an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune over the weekend in which he argues Lee’s voting record on guns is indicative of Lee’s ideological distaste for the 17th Amendment. From labor laws that made safer workplaces, to banking regulations designed to curb the influence of big money, to

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Slippery slopes: The all-or-nothing politics

An editorial penned by Better UTAH Board Member Sheryl Allen appeared in the Sunday edition of the Salt Lake Tribune. Allen argues that “progressivism is the political philosophy which advocates for human agency,” and that it is inherent in Utah’s cultural past. For Allen, the current breed of conservatism currently seizing up Utah politics is an

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