U.S. Sen. Mike Lee, R-tea party

holyoakBetter UTAH Communications Director Isaac Holyoak published an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune over the weekend in which he argues Lee’s voting record on guns is indicative of Lee’s ideological distaste for the 17th Amendment.

From labor laws that made safer workplaces, to banking regulations designed to curb the influence of big money, to constitutional changes like the 17th Amendment that increased electoral participation, tea partiers like Mike Lee have been resolute in their disapproval. But Lee’s opposition to the kind of increased electoral participation made possible by the 17th Amendment, and the way that issue dovetails with his views on guns, should leave Utahns wishing the tea party movement had more substantive similarities to progressivism.


On the issue of guns, Lee acts like the 17th Amendment has already been repealed. Even though 82 percent of Utahns support background checks, Lee has instead decided to side with our Legislature — who he thinks should be electing him anyway — where 70 percent of them, based on their voting records on controversial bills like HB76, are against background checks.

You can read the full editorial here.

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