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Have you checked out Better Utah’s new Progress Report?

It can be tough to know if your legislators are doing a good job. State representatives tend to slide under the radar, and local elections just aren’t as sexy! We get it, but we also believe supporting good local candidates is the way to make your vote go the distance. Our 2019 Progress Report can

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I was going to tell you my sexual assault story. But I can’t. It’s not that I can’t bring myself to tell it. IT’S THAT I DON’T HAVE ONE. I’ve got nothing, nada, zip. No one has ever made me feel uncomfortable, made a suggestion that made me wince, used their power over me, and

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Try listening to youth to engage them

This week I found myself in the company of progressives socializing over breakfast. At every table there were three typed questions that the groups could use as starting points for discussion. This was the first one: How can we get folks from ages 18-35 involved in the political process and why do you think they’re

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The Long Last Day

There were exciting highs and disappointing lows on the last day of the 2013 Legislative Session. Better UTAH was the talk of the Capitol on Thursday. Late Wednesday night, Senators Niederhauser, Davis, Dayton, and Knudsen held a press conference to announce an unprecedented suspension of rules to introduce a brand new bill. And when I

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Voter turnout will improve with same day voter registration

In one of my earlier blogs I wrote about the state of our electoral process. I discussed how our democracy was in crisis because voting was becoming too difficult and apathy was growing. These two factors had combined to create an environment where people did not want to cast a ballot anymore. I wrote this

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What is the next step for Medicaid expansion?

What is the next step? A question often asked when seeking progress. It is a question that should be asked to those who voted against Medicaid expansion last Wednesday at the capitol. What is there to fear with expanding Medicaid? Regardless of the decision, Utah will spend $343 million a year for Medicaid. With expansion,

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Historically uneven steps provide perspective

When entering the state capitol building on the first floor one of the first things you see is a sign that reads: “PLEASE WATCH YOUR STEP — HISTORICAL STEPS UNEVEN.” It’s a friendly warning to prevent people from falling down or up the stairs. But I always misread these signs as “HISTORICALLY UNEVEN STEPS.” No

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