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Legislators should declare conflicts of interest in prison move

Salt Lake City — Good government group Alliance for a Better UTAH, a longtime observer of the Prison Relocation and Development Authority, has released the following statement following the Utah House Republican Caucus’ decision to move forward with the prison relocation: “We hope state legislators will take advantage of the historic opportunity they have to

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Prisons and jails are separate for good reasons

Prison policy, after years of neglect, is finally drawing more attention as both sides of the political aisle find areas of common ground. The topic has received additional attention in Utah due to discussions about moving the state prison from its current location in Draper. Increasingly important in these conversations are the roles of jails

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Concerns remain as prison board seeks public comment

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, October 22, 2013 Salt Lake City — The Utah board tasked with determining whether the state prison should be moved from its current location is seeking public comment at its regular meeting Wednesday afternoon. Officials with the Alliance for a Better UTAH, a progressive political advocacy group, delivered a letter to

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Utah needs prison reform, not prison redevelopment

Welcome back from summer vacation! The kids are in school, and the road trips are in the rearview mirror. So let me bring you up to speed on what you’ve missed while you’ve been away. Here is a list of FAQs I’ve been hearing from people concerned about the crazy idea they heard in spring

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Prison Relocation: PRADA Ignoring the Present

This is the third in a series of blog posts exploring the inner workings of PRADA – Utah’s Prison Relocation and Development Authority. Listening to PRADA talk about the proposed prison relocation is a lot like looking through a pinhole. Through the pinhole, you see the prison, in isolation, sitting on high-value Draper real estate.

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