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A challenge to Democrats by a loyal dissenter

A fitting follow-up to a post I wrote two weeks ago on Utah’s unbalanced two-party system is a recent article in the Salt Lake Tribune by Paul Rolly about Utah’s defective caucus system. Rolly suggests that the lack of candidates is a result of the current caucus/convention system. While his point is arguably true, Rolly’s article

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Standardized testing stunts classroom innovation

Paul Rolly’s recent column about a teacher who was placed on administrative leave for openly questioning standardized testing points to an authoritarian administrative approach that has no place in public education. Ann Florence, an honors English teacher, was placed on administrative leave after vocally criticizing the Granite School District’s computer-adapted standardized tests, calling them a

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Rolly is wrong on Ruzicka

Paul Rolly’s op-ed in last Saturday’s Tribune, (“Notes symbolize power and the lack thereof”) is, as always, a frank analysis of the workings of power in the Utah State Legislature. He’s right that Republicans have it and Democrats don’t, but he gets it wrong on Gayle Ruzicka. For too long, anyone who isn’t an ultra-conservative has

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Power is difficult to come by in politics

The Better UTAH Beat airs Tuesday afternoons on KVNU’s For the People. Podcasts of previous episodes are available here. —– We hear a lot about power today. Who has it. Who doesn’t have it. Who wants it. Paul Rolly of the Salt Lake Tribune has twice devoted column space in the last week to discussing power, first

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Rolly: Utah lawmaker criticized for supporting sex offender

Paul Rolly of the Salt Lake Tribune drew attention in his column today to Better UTAH’s criticism of Rep. Wayne Harper for a letter he sent to a judge in defense of a convicted sexual abuser. Maryann Martindale, executive director of the Alliance for a Better UTAH, recently wrote an open letter to Rep. Wayne Harper, R-West

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