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Guest Opinion: The Utah GOP suffers from its hardline stance on immigration

This commentary originally appeared in the Deseret News. This weekend, Republican state delegates will vote to elect a new chair of the Utah Republican Party. It’s a messy, time-consuming process that most voters don’t pay attention to, and often know nothing about. It’s a convention likely to be dominated by ideological battles over SB54, the

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Letter: Mero is right about Republican failings

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune They say even a broken clock is right twice a day. As the founder of the Alliance for a Better Utah, I have agreed with Paul Mero, former head of the self-proclaimed conservative Sutherland Institute, on few things. But Mero and Sutherland were important and stalwart supporters of sensible immigration

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Better UTAH Beat episode 13! Critical Thinking in Education

After the Republican Party of Texas instituted a policy to end “critical thinking skills” from being taught in schools, Alliance for a Better UTAH says Utahns should be concerned that extreme-right groups like the Eagle Forum and the Sutherland Institute are taking us down a similar path

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Better UTAH Beat episode 6! June 12, 2012

Episode 6 of the Better UTAH Beat! Rep Bill Wright perfectly illustrates how the Utah Legislature refuses to listen to the people, plus the Sutherland Institute continues their fight against personal freedoms

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Texting Made Public

As House Bill 477 heads to repeal, the Alliance for a Better Utah believes that the Sutherland Institute’s Paul Mero got it wrong in contending that texting is a form of “contemporaneous communication” to be shielded from public view (see “Mero Moment: GRAMA and Transparency” at www.sutherlandinstitute.org). The better argument is that in the interest

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