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Our Greatest Shame

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] The flu this year is scary. For a variety of reasons that experts are still working to understand, the flu is killing around 4,000 Americans a week and will likely end up taking more lives than were lost to the Swine flu in 2009-2010. As a mother of two young children ages 3 years and

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Legislative Frustrations

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This is a blog post about good government. Maybe you think that means I’ll talk about things like fair representation, honesty, avoidance of conflicts, transparency, and the like. And yes, all of those things are important facets of good government, and they are things that the Alliance for a Better Utah and our affiliated organization,

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Fall Up at the Utah Legislature

  It is now my favorite season in Utah: fall! The beautiful yellow Aspen leaves along the Alpine Loop are not the only evidence of this wonderful season falling upon us, but the trees in the loop around the Utah State Capitol have also taken on the various autumnal shades. I love the landscaping up

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Trump budget proposal cuts programs used by hundreds of thousands in Utah

Source: Fox 13 President Donald Trump’s first budget unveiled Tuesday proposes steep cuts to social safety net programs used by hundreds of thousands of Utahns, according to critics. Mick Mulvaney, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, presented the plan differently, saying they will simply not raise the budget for many of the

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Jim Dunnigan and Health Care

The Salt Lake Tribune wrote an editorial in March 2016 calling Dunnigan’s Medicaid bill “a shameful admission that anti-federal, anti-poor, anti-administration politics matter more in Utah, or at least in its so-called House of Representatives, than does anything approaching human decency.” Some scathing words! Although his bill covered the neediest of the needy, thousands were

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House District 44 Debate

You can find this post on our ABU Education Fund website, which sponsored these debates. Monday was the last in the four-debate series cosponsored by the Alliance for a Better Utah Education Fund and the John R. Park Debate Society from the University of Utah. The debate was between Republican Bruce Cutler and Democrat Christine

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Better Utah responds to further inadequacies in Medicaid proposal

Salt Lake City – The Alliance for a Better Utah responded to news of cuts to the estimated coverage of Rep. Dunnigan’s Medicaid plan that was passed during the 2016 Legislative Session. Although originally estimated to cover 16,000 low-income individuals, the Utah Department of Health announced that Medicaid would be extended to only 10,000 individuals,

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Let Them Eat Coal

Source: Salt Lake City Weekly Medicaid Expan … er … Extension More than a few lawmakers were celebrating as the 2016 legislative session drew to a close, patting themselves on the back for finally passing “Medicaid expansion.” The problem, however, as critics have fiercely pointed out, is that what the Legislature passed actually has nothing

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