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2017 Interim Session – Federalism Update

Commission on Federalism We had the joy of once again sitting in on Rep. Ken Ivory’s pet project for which he receives state taxpayer dollars, a.k.a., the Commission on Federalism. Now, don’t get us wrong — federalism is an important principle, one which our representative democracy was built upon. Federalism is what allows state to

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2017 Interim Session – Transportation and Alcohol Update

Transportation interim Committee The May Interim’s Transportation Committee confronted two important issues today: The Utah Department of Transportation presented on the importance of Utah as a lynchpin of transportation, especially of cargo and freight, in the western U.S. They also observed that, with the population along the Wasatch front expected to double by 2050, automobile

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2017 Interim Session – Education Update

Education Interim Committee The issues discussed by  May’s interim Education Committee were largely technical in scope, but here are a few things that caught our eye: Representative Snow presented the details of HB 239, his proposed bill for reforming K-12 school approaches to juvenile delinquency. Minor offenses (including tobacco use, truancy, and Class C misdemeanors)

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2017 Interim Session – Tax Reform Update

Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee Tax Reform. Prepare to hear a lot about this topic over the coming year because reforming Utah’s tax system is perhaps the most important goal for legislators during this Interim Session and the upcoming 2018 General Session. And for good reason — as Senate President Niederhauser pointed out during his

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2017 Interim Session – Healthcare Update

Health and Human Services Interim Committee Healthcare has been a huge topic in national politics and Utah lawmakers have been paying attention. As the Interim Session started and we saw that health care reform would be on the agenda under this committee’s long-term planning, we expected an interesting meeting. However, we were disappointed as lawmakers

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2017 Interim Session – Voter Participation Update

Government Operations Interim Committee There were a range of topics in this month’s Government Operations Interim Committee meeting, but we honed in on one major topic: voter participation. Rep. Patrice Arent presented on Presidential Primary Funding. During the legislative session, Arent and her co-sponsor, Sen. Curtis Bramble, passed a bill requiring the state to hold

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2017 Interim Session – Public Lands Update

Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Interim Committee This meeting started late, much to the chagrin of committee chair, Sen. Margaret Dayton. (She hates that.) During the “Committee Business” portion at the beginning of the meeting, committee chair, Rep. Keven Stratton, mentioned potential studies for the committee to consider. Among them? “Oil and gas operations…and potential

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