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Meet Christian Romano, Better UTAH’s newest intern

Christian Romano is an undergraduate at the University of Utah and a Karen Shepherd Intern for Ethics and Good Government. What can a 22-year-old intern without much experience tell you about the world around us? Perhaps more than you think. Though I’m inclined to think I can’t offer any insight that you can’t conjure up

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An outsider’s view of politics

Last Wednesday I had my first taste of politics as it actually happens. After years of discussing politics in high school debate competitions, tracking every move on a given piece of legislation, dissecting the possible implications of a certain bill, reading Politico articles about D.C. policymakers from the remote location of my desk at home,

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Meet our new interns: Claire Wang & Kelsey Oliver

We’re happy to host two new interns this summer. Claire Wang and Kelsey Oliver are seniors at Rowland Hall High School with interests in the environment. Both Claire and Kelsey will be blogging for us periodically throughout the summer. Get to know them by checking out the Q&As below. Meet Claire Wang Q. Tell us a little about

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Nine suggestions for getting engaged on Utah’s Capitol Hill

After following this year’s legislative session for the first time as an intern for the Alliance for a Better Utah, I have made a list of suggestions for those interested in getting more involved on Utah’s Capitol Hill. Learn to navigate the Utah State Legislature’s official website, www.le.utah.gov. This site will become your light in the

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Meet our interns, Part 1: Alex (Boo) Reiser

We’re happy to welcome three university students who will be interning with us during the legislative session this year. They’ll be posting regularly about the specific issues they are following and their experiences on the hill. This week, they are taking a moment to introduce themselves. First up is Alex (Boo) Reiser. Boo is a

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