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August 2017 Interim Session Update: Water Rights and the Struggle for Power

Commission on Federalism: August 2017 Ah, Federalism — Utah legislators’ favorite topic. Representative Ivory is still pushing for a scholarship essay, in which students detail “how federalism secures the blessings of liberty.” President Niederhauser elicited a round of applause for lamenting the loss of state sovereignty, and Senator Dayton claimed the federal government is trying to

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Salt Lake City, UT – The Senate passed HJR 17 this evening, a resolution from Rep. Ken Ivory crafted after several meetings of the Commission on Federalism over the course of the session. HJR 17, “Joint Resolution to Restore the Division of Governmental Responsibilities Between the National Government and the States,” is a resolution from

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Congressman Bishop’s Not-so-United States

In a show of government waste at its finest, the Utah Legislature’s Commission on Federalism met this morning at the State Capitol. While the finer points of dual sovereignty are certainly worth arguing, this sort of grad seminar style discussion should be out of place in the legislature, where more concrete policy making would be

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America is under attack

America is under attack, and it isn’t hand-wringing liberal secularists this time around. Extreme proponents of states’ rights are setting up a false divide between state government and federal government, an attitude that neglects the United part of United States. Those attitudes were on display in full force this morning during US Senator Mike Lee’s

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