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Guess who was in town?

If Paul Revere were alive and in Utah last week, I’d imagine he’d have been ringing the alarm for us all screaming, “ALEC is coming, ALEC is coming!” Yes, it’s true. ALEC, also known as the American Legislative Exchange Council, was in town last week, and we should all be worried. The questionable ethics of

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Competency-Based Learning for Athletes in Utah

As a current high school student, grades have often weighed on me, and I have felt like strict grading has restricted my ability to explore aspects of education. I moved across the country to a school that gives me access to an education as well as flexibility to be able to ski race. And as

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June 2017 Interim Session – Education Update

Education Interim Committee Meeting – June 21, 2017 Recodification The meeting began with a proposal to recodify Title 53A, which governs the state’s public school system. It will be divided into three new titles. 53E guides state administration. 53F contains funding policy. 53G guides local school administration. This was primarily for organizational purposes. After representatives

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Meet Neah Bois, summer student blogger

Neah Bois is a high school sophomore at Waterford School and one of Better UTAH’s student bloggers this summer. She’ll be posting regularly about how policies affect her as a young Utahn. This is her first blog post. —– AP tests, The Education System and the Unknown Student I recently got the opportunity to take

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