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Commentary: Utah’s congressional delegation should put first things first

This originally appeared as an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune.  Much of the commentary surrounding the federal shutdown in Utah has been unfailingly bipartisan, perhaps in an attempt to show our federal delegation what coming together looks like. Republicans and Democrats alike have decried federal workers going without pay, insisting that both sides are to blame and that

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Legislature playing God in debate over healthcare

Here in Utah, the debate over Medicaid Expansion has gone back and forth for more than two years now. It was clear from the beginning that although it would be the simplest and least expensive way to cover the most people, full expansion would never win the support of our elected officials. In fact, in

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Medicaid expansion should not be political casualty

Salt Lake City — The Coalition for a Compassionate Utah organized last Fall with the express purpose of showing Governor Herbert that compassionate Utahns support the expansion of Medicaid. Now that Gov. Herbert has recognized the importance of ensuring that Utahns have access to healthcare, and has acknowledged that doing nothing is not an option,

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Op-Ed: Our coalition shows breadth of support for Medicaid expansion

Members of the Coalition for a Compassionate Utah recently took to the editorial pages of the Salt Lake Tribune to describe why they and their supporters are asking the governor to accept full Medicaid expansion. Nearly 123,000 Utahns will have access to health care if Gov. Gary Herbert accepts Medicaid expansion in Utah. And if

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Coalition for a Compassionate Utah is an ‘odd alliance’

The Better UTAH Beat airs Tuesday afternoons on KVNU’s For the People. Podcasts of previous episodes are available here. —– Compassion isn’t a conservative value or a liberal value. Compassion is a Utah value. That’s why we’ve recently joined with about a dozen other non-profit organizations to form the Coalition for a Compassionate Utah. Though none of

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Coalition for a Compassionate Utah seeks medicaid expansion

We joined with about a dozen other groups (the list continues to grow) today to launch the Coalition for a Compassionate Utah. Our mission is singular: persuade Governor Herbert to accept Medicaid expansion. Cooperating organizations include: Alliance for a Better UTAH Voices for Utah Children League of Women Voters of Utah Utahns Against Hunger Utah Parents

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