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Commentary: Utah’s water supply needs proper research

This article originally appeared in the Deseret News. Water. It’s a hot topic in our dry, desert state. It’s been politicized, debated and disputed for countless years. The one thing it hasn’t been: researched. At least not properly. Living beneath the weight of the constant threat of drought, Utah’s residents are no strangers to the

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Competency-Based Learning for Athletes in Utah

As a current high school student, grades have often weighed on me, and I have felt like strict grading has restricted my ability to explore aspects of education. I moved across the country to a school that gives me access to an education as well as flexibility to be able to ski race. And as

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Mia Love stands against the interests of consumers

This commentary originally appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune. As a Utahn, I join many of you in my political representation at the national level. My member of Congress is Republican Rep. Mia Love, who is up for re-election this year. Love is a two-term congresswoman who serves on the House Financial Services Committee, a

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